Become a Humanist Celebrant

About Humanist Celebrants

A Humanist Celebrant plays a role similar to that of a traditional clergyperson with one difference: humanist ceremonies express our positive, nontheistic philosophy of humanism instead of traditional faith. Humanist Celebrants conduct humanist, nonreligious, and interreligious weddings, commitment/same-sex unions, memorials, baby namings, and other life cycle ceremonies. Humanist Celebrants are legally recognized in all states and worldwide, being accorded the same rights and privileges granted by law to traditional clergy.

The Humanist Society offers different endorsement options for those considering a one-time experience, those wishing to be regular celebrants as well as leader celebrants, lay leaders, and chaplains. See our guidelines to learn more.

Every Humanist Society Celebrant is considered to be a special representative of the American Humanist Association, our parent organization, so continuous membership in the AHA is required and involvement in AHA local and national activities is encouraged.

Application Process

You can apply by providing information about your background, qualifications, interests, and the names of three references that can attest to your ability to serve as a Humanist Celebrant. The Endorsement Committee will contact the applicant via phone to further clarify the information provided, after which, an in-person meeting may also be required.

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