Lisa H.

Thank you so much for taking time to share our day, our moment, with us. I especially thank you for the beautiful vows you have written. When I read them this morning I cried the most beautiful tears. It was as though you climbed inside of my heart and spoke words I would have spoken. They are amazing. Very heartfelt. Thank you.

  • Behzad

    Dear Humanist friends in U.s;

    Hi.I am an Iranian Handicap refugee.I am a Humanist and i am writing and sending this letter from Aachen Germany to you with respect.I have sent a scientific Project to Israel now that i demand my money my award nobody replies.I have kindly asked consul of Germany in U.N Dr Peter Wittig and also Humanist chief of Germany in Berlin Pro.Dr.Otto Wolf but they are cool and indiffrent.Although i have a very good and understanding Supervisor and although he has asked them many times to find a solution about me since December 2011- but they are cool and indiffrent.Please contact them both and kindly ask them to act on the letters that i and my supervisore Mr. Krohn-Grimberghe have sent to them.Thank  you.Dr Wittig e-mail My,e-mail: bdot1055athotmaildotde Thank you.


    Behzad  Dellavari.

    • Helper

      I don’t understand why anyone would want to not believe in God. I’m not putting anyone down, but what about not being able to be filled with Gods Holy Spirit and not being able to speak in angelic heavenly tounges. It seems so sad, I can’t imagine living a life just to live it for good and then die. There would be no purpose to even really live if all you were going to do is exist to just one day die.

      • Clint

        That you believe in a fairytale that has not one shred of evidence to support it’s claims is really sad to me.

        • Jackie Freeman

          Clint, very good, highly intelligent people share the Humanist viewpoint.

      • Jackie Freeman

        Some people may need the comfort of an imaginary friend to help them cope. Some don’t. Please respect those who are strong enough to enjoy lifes challenges without a crutch.