The Humanist Society applies humanism to daily life through a unique celebrant program, education, and community involvement.


NEW: The Humanist Institute is offering an on-site training for individuals who are or desiring to be Humanist Celebrants! Learn more here and register today for the March 14, 2015 training in St. Paul, MN!

Those who are attracted to a positive, progressive philosophy, unencumbered by the rigidity of traditional religions, embrace the vibrant lifestance of humanism, the radical idea that you can be good without a god. The Humanist Society bolsters humanism's rational philosophy by focusing on community and daily living.

Recognizing the important role life occasions play in individual and community life, the Humanist Society prepares Humanist Celebrants to lead ceremonial observances across the nation and worldwide. Celebrants provide millions of Americans an alternative to traditional religious weddings, memorial services, and other life-cycle events. Celebration of life is central to a meaningful humanist philosophy, and Humanist Celebrants officiate significant celebrations vital to humanist life.

Be sure to explore the possibility of finding a celebrant to perform a ceremony important to you, or consider becoming a celebrant yourself!